Jackals instead of wolves: how animals are exterminated in Kazakhstan
A small example of a state neighboring Russia.
Pavel Pashkov
To breathe in poisons: in Russia, in the city of Krasnoyarsk, a regime of “black sky” has been introduced
Siberia. Another ecological catastrophe in Krasnoyarsk
Pavel Pashkov
Climate-protective forests of the south. Part two: Caucasian mixed forests.
The Caucasian mixed forests are a vast ecological region.
Pavel Pashkov
Climate-protective forests of the south. Part one: forest belts of steppe zones.
If you look at the satellite map of the plains adjacent
Pavel Pashkov
Disaster in Siberia: gold miners polluted 11.5 thousand kilometers of rivers
Destruction of ecological systems, pollution of nature
Pavel Pashkov


Russian writer, traveler, member of the Russian Geographical Society. He is a defender of forests and ecology, the head of the All-Russian public projects and the international project for protecting climate-protected forests “Boreal Forests”. The author of men’s fiction and research books that were published as part of public activities. Born and grew in Russia. Western Siberia, Altai territory.