To breathe in poisons: in Russia, in the city of Krasnoyarsk, a regime of “black sky” has been introduced

Siberia. Another ecological catastrophe in Krasnoyarsk is killing our fellow citizens in the literal sense of the word. Alarming news came from Siberia: a “black sky” regime was introduced in Krasnoyarsk. All residents are asked to protect themselves, monitor the prevention of the entry of hazardous chemicals into the body and minimize the time spent on the street. The regime of the first level of danger has been declared.

“The excess of the maximum permissible maximum one-time concentrations in five samples was registered: for suspended solids – 1.2 times, for nitrogen oxide – 2.8 times, for nitrogen dioxide – 2.6 times, for suspended particles PM10 – 1, 9 times, for PM2.5 suspended particles – 3.4 times”, – they say in Rospotrebnadzor.

According to official data, the reason for the “black sky” is unfavorable meteorological conditions, which prevent harmful chemicals from heavy industry from dispersing in the air.

That is, the very fact of the catastrophic concentration of toxic substances in the air recedes into the background, nature is exposed as the culprit. Like, it’s not us who pollute the air, it’s all meteorological conditions! A bit like ocean pollution in the Far East, right? When, in the end, the authorities referred to the algae, which killed all living things.

In reality, knowing and predicting difficult weather conditions, it is necessary to immediately stop the work of the WHOLE POISONOUS INDUSTRY until the “unfavorable conditions” are completely normalized. This is at least! And then, knowing that this happens REGULARLY, and that right now our fellow citizens are dying through the fault of business, the number of chronic diseases and fatal oncology is growing, everything possible should be done to prevent this from happening further.

Behind all the “beautiful” terms that are actively used by the authorities, there is one single reason for the poisonous “black sky”: the city has been in a critical ecological situation for years, people poison themselves with chemical poisons every day, are born and die from a serious chronicle. But now, at some point, calm weather has formed and all these poisons began to stupidly settle on a colossal scale right onto the city.

Nobody can solve the problem. The industry will only grow. People will die, children will be born with congenital diseases. The townspeople will spit out pieces of their lungs. Instead of a real solution to the problem, people in calm weather will simply be offered to breathe less, walk less. Sit at home and hold your breath, apparently something like that.

A similar “black sky” regime was introduced in Krasnoyarsk in August this year. Note that only a few months have passed and nothing has been decided. Then, in August, the problem was observed in Krasnoyarsk and Achinsk. Only then it was still hot, it was up to +26 on the street. The authorities asked the townspeople to go out for a walk as little as possible.

And now to understand the problem. Right now, our fellow citizens are gasping massively from toxic emissions. The same thing happened on August 26 this year, while even earlier, on August 7, the “black sky” regime was also announced. Then many did not notice this news due to large-scale forest fires, people sincerely thought that they were spitting out their lungs in pieces because of the smoke that draws from the burning forests.

And the smoke was, really was! But besides smoke, there were large-scale poisonous emissions from the heavy industry of Krasnoyarsk. Then the situation repeated itself on August 26, people also threw up their hands, they say, “the authorities said from the fires.” Now the situation has repeated itself, except that there are no forest fires. It’s just that big business makes billions, the authorities serve business, but people don’t give a damn.

At the same time, in mid-August, Krasnoyarsk for the third time topped the rating of megalopolises in the world WITH THE HIGHEST LEVEL OF AIR POLLUTION.

Old rusty factories have been working for wear and tear since Soviet times. They are rusted through and all that interests them is an increase in capacity, an increase in production and an increase in profits, respectively.

Ask the authorities right now: why the hell is the work of all enterprises not stopped if the “black sky” regime is announced? Now the METEOROLOGICAL CONDITIONS are KNOWN IN ADVANCE and it is possible to stop heavy industry in ADVANCE in order to avoid a DISASTER.

Ask the authorities this question right now. And so I will answer you: because no one cares about people. There is a stupid extraction of huge amounts of money at the cost of the life of its own population.


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Pavel Pashkov