Disaster in Siberia: gold miners polluted 11.5 thousand kilometers of rivers

Destruction of ecological systems, pollution of nature, extermination of living species – all these are global problems that are created artificially. Animals are killed for fun, nature is polluted and poisoned for profit. People have fun and earn money by destroying all life around them.

Today I want to tell you about the global ecological catastrophe in Siberia and the Far East, this is something that is often stupidly silent. Now 2021 is coming to an end, I am writing this material on November 29th. We have heard about disasters associated with forest fires, about barbaric deforestation, about the extinction of bees, which, in fact, are the leading regulator of the ecological state around the world. But hardly anyone has heard of what is happening right now in Siberia and the Far East due to gold mining.

More recently, the results of the outgoing year were summed up by WWF specialists. A lot of research has been done and the announced figures are shocking, to say the least. In one year alone, 320 cases of pollution of 147 rivers in Russia were identified due to the extraction of loose gold. That is, it is stupid because of the interests of big business, tearing apart the living flesh of Mother Nature, extracting gold from her bowels, nature is destroyed.

Can you imagine the scale in distance? There is one kilometer, there are two, and there are ten kilometers. You can walk ten kilometers, you can walk a hundred, but a thousand is already difficult and long! So?

The length of our entire country from west to east is about 10 thousand kilometers. From north to south, respectively, about 4 thousand kilometers. Colossal, isn’t it?

And now, special attention: the pollution of rivers IN ONE YEAR due to the activities of gold miners in Russia was recorded at a total length of 11.5 THOUSAND KILOMETERS below the gold mining sites. Of all cases of river pollution, 234 cases were detected in the Amur ecoregion, which unites the Primorsky Territory, the Amur Region, the Khabarovsk Territory, the Jewish Autonomous Region and the Trans-Baikal Territory. Here, experts have counted about 8.5 thousand kilometers of polluted rivers.

This is the data, I repeat, only for 2021. A similar thing happens in the country every year, and the rate of pollution is constantly growing! Let’s say last year there were 44 fewer cases of river pollution, while the number of completely polluted rivers was 24, and the total length of polluted rivers has increased by 2,197 km since last year. It is somewhat reminiscent of the situation with forest fires in Russia, when the area of ​​blazing forests grows year after year. In 2021, over 18 million hectares of Russian Taiga burned down and 11.5 thousand kilometers of rivers were polluted due to gold mining. Terrible numbers. And it’s ONLY 1 YEAR.

Now there are more technologies, more opportunities to monitor the activities of gold miners. Specialists use space monitoring, which gives the greatest accuracy. Scientists offer only one option to solve this global environmental problem: to reduce the issuance of licenses for mining, prospecting and prospecting for bulk gold.

From personal experience, while protecting the Russian Taiga, I know how criminal the field of gold mining is. Let’s say the overwhelming majority of companies, hiding behind search licenses, stupidly mine gold illegally. This is despite the fact that such companies are not subject to environmental supervision, because formally they do not mine gold, but only look for it. In addition, there is no need to pay taxes on mining, create infrastructure to prevent environmental pollution, and so on.

Simply put: the gold mining industry is an area of ​​huge colossal money. A real gold mine for big business. You open a lot of companies that should formally deal with gold prospecting! You get licenses. You send them to different points, instead of searching, they get gold. After the firms are closed, new ones are registered and everything is in a new circle. You can take more loans and debts for closing companies, and then declare bankruptcy! Then the profit will be colossal in general.

And the saddest thing here is that everyone understands what is happening. But the corruption of government departments in the regions allows us to “close our eyes” to what is happening. Just a lot of money and everyone is trying to rip off a piece. True, no one thinks that this piece is the flesh of a dying Mother Nature.

The other day in Khakassia, public discussions were held on “Environmental aspects in mining alluvial gold” in the territory of the residence of the indigenous minorities. The event was attended by: Deputy Head of Khakassia Yuri Kurlaev, representatives of federal and republican executive and legislative bodies, representatives of Shors, gold mining enterprises, public organizations and members of the regional Public Chamber.

Well, that is, you know, yes, to what extent they tried to make everything “serious and important”? The “high officials” came to discuss the problems of river pollution due to gold mining on the land of the small peoples of Russia.

Minister of Natural Resources and Environment of Khakassia Vladimir Lebedev spoke about the problems of mining loose gold. The fact that the number of licenses issued is a matter of concern among the local population. Residents report about the destruction of rivers, about a colossal negative impact on the most unique ecological systems of the region. And they can be understood! People came to the meeting with “high officials” in the hope that they would be heard and understood.

This meeting reminded me of a recent international event closely followed by the whole world. This is the Glasgow climate summit. The leaders of Russia and China decided not to come there at all, they say what the hell is needed. By the way, US President Biden arrived. He expressed regret that representatives of Russia and China had not arrived here, yawned and fell asleep. Really, no kidding, just slept through the “important climate discussions.” I don’t know how true this is, but they say that grandfather fart loudly in his sleep, which distracted other guests of such an important summit from the “climate agenda”.

But the international media “ate” the information and joyfully published about how the world will now change and everyone will be happy and wonderful in it!

So the meeting in Khakassia on the problems of gold mining is reminiscent of the summit in Glasgow. Talk, make important decisions, listen to problems. And people talk about problems for years, and the authorities publicly talk about the fact that everyone knows about the problems. It turns out that everyone gathered at the table amicably only to say once again about what everyone has known so far for many, many years. Gathered to create the appearance of change!

In 2021, more than 11 thousand kilometers of our rivers were polluted due to gold mining. The ecosystem is poisoned, killed, destroyed! The most unique biocenoses suffer only because people want to get the yellow metal from the bowels of the earth.

If I were in power, right now, what step should be taken? Get a meeting? Discuss problems with the locals? Can you meet with US President Biden and talk with him about Russia’s problems? Or is it just in terms of already known facts, just take and solve the problem?

There is a fact that ecosystems are destroyed every year. There is confirmed scientific evidence that in just one year, businesses have polluted thousands of kilometers of rivers. This is a global disaster! Therefore, you need:

Introduce a complete moratorium on gold mining in those regions where an environmental crime has been committed and environmental degradation is observed. Pollution of 11 thousand kilometers of rivers is an ECOCID on a planetary scale. An immediate ban is required, the introduction of a moratorium at least until a full trial, until the complete elimination of environmental damage. Regions in general should be declared zones of complete ecological tranquility, for tens of years. Otherwise, it will be impossible to restore ecosystems.

After solving the environmental problems, the entire gold mining sector should be revised. Connect the most severe monitoring around the clock for the regions, immediately record any pollution and severely punish businessmen under the ECOCID article (imprisonment for a period of 12 to 20 years under the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation)

Together with real scientists and specialists, to develop an economic model in which the environment will not be put under pressure, while at the same time, bona fide businessmen can calmly engage in the extraction of minerals. That is, with minimal pressure on ecosystems, while making the gold mining sector economically justified. This can be realized ONLY by transferring all powers to the federal government. If decisions continue to be made by petty officials in the regions, each for himself and in his own interests, then corruption and, consequently, environmental crimes will not go anywhere.

I will monitor the situation and you and I, comrades-in-arms, will try our best to create a public outcry. This is the only way to really achieve some kind of change! We live on this earth. And our children, grandchildren and all future descendants will live on this land.


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Pavel Pashkov