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I’m from Russia. English is still hard for me! But it is good that in the modern world there is an opportunity to communicate and transfer information on the Internet, not being limited by the formal borders of states and the language barrier. All materials and texts on the site are translated through a Google translator.

Where does Pavel Pashkov live?

I was born and raised in Russia, I also live here. We will conduct international expeditions leaving Russia! I want to advocate for the protection of forests not only in my country, but also in other countries. We must unite around the world and protect nature together.

What are the plans of the project for the future?

I am writing a book about forests that regulate the climate. We will be making films all over the world about the importance of forest conservation. International ecological expeditions will be held! My task is to draw the attention of the whole world to the problem of the destruction of ancient forests.

Where can I see Pavel Pashkov’s activities in Russia?

For many years I have been working to protect the forests of Russia, I have social networks, thousands of readers and an official website. You can subscribe to me, follow the articles and take part in projects yourself. My site in Russia: www.pavel-pashkov.com

How can I report environmental issues in my country?

Write me an e-mail: pavel-v-doroge@yandex.ru Tell me about the problem in detail! I will study the situation in your country, prepare material for readers and help draw the attention of society and authorities to the problem.

Why does Pavel Pashkov protect only ancient forests?

There are so many environmental problems in the world that it is impossible for one person to protect everything at once. I was born in Siberia, grew up in the Altai mountains, among coniferous forests. And from childhood I watched them cut down! It left a pain in my heart. Therefore, it is important for me to protect precisely the ancient forests, of which there are very few left in the world. It is them who are cut down first of all! These are forests that regulate the climate. Forests that are the heart of nature! There are such forests all over the world, but every year there are fewer of them.

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