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I’m from Russia. English is still hard for me! But it is good that in the modern world there is an opportunity to communicate and transfer information on the Internet, not being limited by the formal borders of states and the language barrier. All materials and texts on the site are translated through a Google translator.

Where is the wildlife protection activity taking place?

Ecological systems are unified. People divide the earth into borders and states, but all wild nature is a single living organism of our planet. For many years I spoke in defense of the nature of Russia, we conducted expeditions, talked about problems and achieved victories. After ten years of active work in Russia, I begin to work on world environmental problems. It is for this purpose that the international website www.pavel-pashkov.eco has been launched.

What plans do you have for the future?

Already now, my team and I are planning to conduct a series of ecological expeditions to protect wildlife in all corners of the world. These will be research expeditions in which we will study environmental problems and look for ways to solve them. In addition, we plan to fight against the destruction of forests, pollution of the seas and oceans, and support ecological communities.

The most important task is to unite people from all over the world so that as many activists as possible are engaged in the protection of wildlife.

I, Pavel Pashkov, am working on my books. Several books in defense of wildlife have been published in Russia, this is my personal experience in the fight for the boreal northern forests. I want to translate all the books into English and publish all over the world in order to pass on our experience of the struggle to comrades-in-arms from other countries.

How can I report environmental issues in my country?

Write me an e-mail: pavel-v-doroge@yandex.ru Tell me about the problem in detail! I will study the situation in your country, prepare material for readers and help draw the attention of society and authorities to the problem.

Pavel Pashkov