My name is Pavel Pashkov. I am a famous Russian traveler, writer, public figure. I was born and grown in Siberia, in the distant Altai Mountains. This is Russia! Since childhood, I have lived in a remote village in the wilderness’s heart. 

In Russia, I am known as a defender of the Russian Taiga – the forests of Siberia. I founded the project “Russian Taiga” and unite people against the destruction of forests, against the extermination of wild animals. For several years in a row, I have been actively opposing large-scale logging, forest fires, studying environmental problems and trying to fight against them. 

It’s not easy! Protecting nature is very dangerous. My main activity is still conducted in Russia, but I believe that our earth is a single living organism that cannot be divided into regions. This is one earth that breathes, feels and needs our support! That is why in 2022, for the first time, I launched the international project “Boreal Forests” to protect the world’s climate-protective indigenous forests. 

I have been conducting ecological expeditions in Russia for many years. It’s time to move on, we have achieved a lot here, now we need to protect forests on a global scale! The “Boreal Forests” project is my struggle for world nature. 

Within the project, I study environmental problems, human anthropogenic impact on ecosystems, research and attract the attention of the world community to the problems of forest destruction. My materials and articles, investigations on the destruction of nature will be published on the website of the “Boreal Forests” project, and we will also conduct major international expeditions, make films about why it is important to protect climate-protected indigenous forests. 

A forest is a living organism, a biocenosis, part of a single ecosystem. It is foolish to consider it as just wood, as a way to make money by destroying only the visible part of the trees. Millions of organisms, from the most primitive to the amazing and complex, live in the roots, branches and even in the bark of each tree.  

To date, forests are being rapidly destroyed all over the world. In search of profit, people first cut down the most valuable tree species, climb deep into the forests to cut down ancient relic forests. And practically no one says that this should not be done in any case! Indigenous forests regulate the climate, are the heart of forests, their core. 

Subscribe to me on social networks! You can also see my Russian website, which has been running for many years. There I am fighting for the lungs of our planet – the great Siberian forests! Join us and let’s try together to protect our land from destruction. 

With great respect, Russian traveler, writer Pavel Pashkov.

Pavel Pashkov