Jackals instead of wolves: how animals are exterminated in Kazakhstan

A small example of a state neighboring Russia. And, mind you, Russia and Kazakhstan not only have a huge common border, but also wolves, one might say, “common”! The wolf is a nomad. And flocks also migrate across the border.

So: the East Kazakhstan region borders on the Russian Altai. And the entire steppe north of Kazakhstan is with the Russian southern steppes. The population of animals wandering long distances in Russia and Kazakhstan is TOTAL. Biological systems are interconnected regardless of state borders.

According to experts-zoologists and ecologists of Kazakhstan:

– low wolf numbers are observed throughout the country and are becoming a real problem;

– over the past 30 years, there have been five times fewer wolves in Kazakhstan;

– if in 1988 there were 61 thousand individuals in the Kazakh SSR, now there are only about 12 thousand left.

Let me explain right away: the official data of the state bodies of Kazakhstan on the number of wolves is slightly higher. But independent experts are sure that this data cannot be trusted. At all. Absolutely. With which I fully agree. And that corresponds to the state of affairs in our country. None of the officials is simply engaged in a real assessment of the number of wolves. At best, statistics are simply rewritten from year to year, slightly adjusting last year’s figures. Assessments are conducted according to the principle: “Do we have wolves?” “A lot, recently the wolves ate a sheep” “Well, let’s write it down: the wolves have bred, regulation of the number is necessary.”

And such statistics “according to the shepherds” gets into official documents. And on the basis of SUCH statistics, “responsible and competent” decisions are then made.

And then it turns out that the “wolves” were not seen in the village: they were just stray dogs.

The trace of the “wolf” local “experts” are categorically unable to distinguish from the trace of the dog.

And jackals, not wolves, have really bred and create serious problems for people. And jackals bred just in the absence of wolves, and because of the absence of wolves: wolves ruthlessly destroyed jackals as competitors. There was no wolf – their place in the biological system was taken by jackals. And where one wolf lived, now ten jackals live.
Here, let’s immediately dwell on the meaning of the wolf. On the fact that in the ecosystems of Kazakhstan ALREADY manifests itself in full. On what environmentalists in Kazakhstan are ALREADY sounding the alarm.


Until recently, the wolf kept the number of jackals. Previously, jackals lived in southern Kazakhstan, on the Syr Darya. For example, jackals appeared in the Almaty region only about 3-5 years ago. Despite the fact that jackals are characteristic of living in the lowlands, they began to notice him in the mountains. In the Aksai Gorge. In forests at an altitude of about 1300 meters above sea level. The jackal is a completely alien species for the ecosystems of such regions as Almaty and Mangystau. But it multiplies very quickly. And it has already become a dangerous invasive species in areas where it did not exist before. According to rough estimates, at least 30,000 jackals already live in Kazakhstan. You understand, the estimate of the number of jackals is very approximate! And their population is growing rapidly! The expansion of the habitat is also associated with climate change. But it is not exactly. What is certain is that the rapid growth of the population and the expansion of the habitat of jackals are clearly associated with the disappearance of the wolf. The regulation of the number of jackals by humans does not work: hunters do not show any interest in jackals! It’s not cool to kill a jackal. Like, look, I killed a jackal, I’m a tough hunter?! Ugh! They will only laugh at such a “noble trophy.” But killing a wolf is quite status.
And now the place of the killed wolves is taken by jackals. Several dozen in place of one wolf.


The wolf most actively eats rodents. Gophers, jerboas, mice and more. Surkov including, which is especially important. Thus, reducing the likelihood of the spread of diseases that they spread. Plague is the most striking example, associated in most cases with groundhogs. But other dangerous infections too.
The jackal, which replaces the wolf in the ecosystem tenfold, eats everything. He is the so-called “superuniversal”. It eats hares, pheasants, ducks, and other birds. Especially active and effective – eggs and young growth of different birds.


“The wolf is the orderly of the forest.” Probably, many people have heard this saying. The fact is that the wolf most often kills weak and sick animals. Thanks to him, the healing of other species occurs. For example, a mountain goat, sick with scabies, weakened and lame, begins to lag behind the herd. If he lives, he will infect other goats along the chain. If the wolves eat it, the problem will disappear.
Human hunters, competing with the wolf at the “top of the food pyramid”, do exactly the opposite. The biggest and strongest animals are shot as status trophies. If a mountain goat is definitely the most beautiful, with the most chic horns. Sick, flea – no one needs!

What do the ecologists of Kazakhstan offer? How, in their opinion, to prevent the total extermination of the wolf?

Biologists, hunters and zoologists propose to transfer wolves to the group of species that are official objects of hunting. Sounds a little paradoxical, right? To understand the meaning of such a proposal, it is necessary to clarify some legal subtleties.

The fauna in Kazakhstan is divided into four categories:

– species that are objects of hunting;

– rare species that are threatened with extinction;

– species, the number of which is subject to regulation (including the wolf and the jackal);

– Species of scientific and ecological importance.

If the wolf is at least transferred from “regulated” species to “hunting”, according to experts, AT LEAST a systematic accounting of its numbers will begin. Now you can get a wolf all year round. In fact, it is not limited. Receiving even some small money for each mined “gray skin”. You can hunt a wolf by simply receiving from the state the service “Issuance of a permit for the removal of animal species, the number of which is subject to regulation”, a document of the same name. This permit is issued free of charge. Its validity period is one year. When you want, you can kill wolves. “Without trial and investigation,” so to speak. There is only a limit on the number of mined wolves. Let’s say no more than three individuals per hunter for 2019. The limit of withdrawal of the wolf in Akmola, West Kazakhstan, Karaganda, Kostanay and Pavlodar regions was limited to 10% of the total number of wolves. From the number, respectively, purely formal. From a number that no one even counted! In other areas, you can shoot up to 30 – 40% of this very “hypothetical number”.

So the ecologists offer AT LEAST to transfer the wolf to the “hunting species”, so that AT LEAST a more reliable record of the number is kept.

In the relevant ministry of Kazakhstan, despite the proposals of environmentalists, they unequivocally answer that, despite the decline in the number of wolves in the country KNOWN to officials, no one plans to transfer it to another category.

And in Kazakhstan, there are no special programs aimed at regulating the number of wolves and their conservation as a species, as you understand, in general, there is no mention of it.
As there are no such programs in our country.

And they are necessary! Otherwise, the wolf will have to be transferred from “species whose numbers are subject to regulation” immediately into “rare species that are threatened with extinction”!

Let me remind you: REAL accounting of the number of wolves is NOT KEEPED! And it is very likely that the wolf may already be under the threat of destruction.



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