Russia needs URGENT radical measures to protect ancient forests!

It is high time for the government of the Russian Federation to carry out tough personnel changes within the Ministry of Natural Resources and Rosleskhoz. The sad experience of the destruction of climate-protective forests around the world is before our eyes! Droughts, climatic anomalies, drying up of rivers. Degradation of all terrestrial ecosystems! Forest fires, the scale of which is growing year by year. And in our country, in Russia, even though there are opportunities to protect ancient forests, stop environmental disasters, we will never do this until instead of real specialist scientists, bureaucrats-economists sit in power, calculating profits and writing replies.

Recently, as part of our struggle to protect the Russian Taiga, we sent requests to Rosleskhoz about the need to consider the issue of federal protection of ancient forests. Old-growth intact areas of wild nature, climate-protective forests, the boreal belt of the Russian Taiga – need a special conservation status. We received a response to our request, in which the “lawyers-bureaucrats” from Rosleskhoz tried to “get rid” of the public request with abstruse words. In fact, they directly wrote that the legislation of the Russian Federation does not contain the terminology ancient and old-growth forests, which means that they have no idea what it is and why all of a sudden ancient forests need to be protected at all.

A huge number of studies by leading scientists of the world, research, scientific work are ignored. The biotic regulation of the climate is being ignored! The importance of wildlife conservation is ignored. And all because wildlife is a resource for profit! And the current apparatus of Rosleskhoz serves the interests of businessmen, nothing more. Administrative resource for business. The interests of the Russian Taiga, the interests of the peoples living on this land, are of no interest to anyone.

What can we even talk about if Rosleskhoz cannot even count the number of forest fires in the country? According to their data, in 2022 the area of ​​forests covered by fire decreased by 2.4 times and amounts to 1.7 million hectares! At the same time, in the consolidated report on forest fires ISDM (information system for remote monitoring of forest fires) as of 07/20/2022, data are indicated – 6, 589, 471 hectares. Of these, 2,401,132 ha are covered with forest.

All data are provided by Rosleskhoz. And what numbers should we believe? 1.7 million hectares, 2.4 or 6.5? And what can you really believe? They can’t count fires, they don’t know anything about ancient forests, they don’t see the need to protect old-growth trees … I’m already silent about wild animals, which we allegedly divorced “immeasurably” and therefore they are shot. Every year the quotas for shooting bears in the country are growing, the official reason is the growing population.

Feel free to ask, every time I ask these questions, how did you count them? If you can’t even count forest fires and simply don’t understand the importance of preserving ancient forests? I ask, although I know the exact answer: both wild animals and the Russian Taiga, all these are just resources for making money! And none of those sitting in power will not refuse the feeder. Voluntarily.

I would take tough coercive measures to ensure the country’s environmental safety. The first is personnel changes in departments from the very bottom to the highest bureaucratic positions. The second is to sit down at the negotiating table with the public, the scientific community and the new control unit. Without ignoring any of the parties! Third – a complete reform of the forest management system, the final federalization of the forestry sector! Recognition of mistakes and solution of primary problems that have accumulated over the past decades. Real problem solving! Create a special federal agency, if necessary, whose tasks will include strict checks on local executive power. Is there an order from the federal center? Fulfill! And account for every ruble spent: what did you spend on, what results were achieved. If this is the planting of young forests, then the employees of the FORCE agency for the supervision of the activities of the executive branch request coordinates, go to the places, and conduct a thorough check of the work performed. The most “light” punishment is to remove officials from their homes! The most common is criminal punishment for embezzlement, negligence and any other crimes.

We need a plan for the protection of wildlife, at least comparable in scale to the “Stalin Plan for the Transformation of Nature.” Which, by the way, was never completed due to the death of Stalin himself. Instead, a large-scale plundering of natural resources began, the destruction of protective forests and the redistribution of bureaucratic places.

To date, climate-protective forests have been almost completely reduced to zero all over the world! This is the boreal northern taiga, and the equatorial rainforests, and the forests of the great Amazon. I am already silent about the forests in the USA and Europe, from which there are only “ennobled parks” for walking people. Now comes the news from European countries where the authorities have begun to allow the cutting of the last PROTECTIVE FORESTS due to the growing energy crisis. Winter is coming, there is nothing to heat, the demand for firewood is growing.

The Hungarian authorities have allowed CLEAR FELLING in specially protected areas and have abolished various restrictions for loggers. They said “cut everything, we won’t notice the crime if anything!”. Budapest even allowed the ancient oak groves and beech forests around the cities to be cut down. The excuse, of course, is the shortage of gas in winter. Moreover, this is with a guarantee that even if ALL FORESTS IN THE COUNTRY are cut down, there will not be enough firewood even for one winter! Well done, what can I say. The “Emergency Decree” has already been signed, the forests are ALREADY DESTROYED.

Similar in other countries! In Moldova, public figures, environmentalists, massively call on the government to stop deforestation. It is reported that the country is plunging into real chaos: all forests are cut down, there is no control, they are cut both legally and illegally. In Latvia, the authorities have allowed to cut down even young forests that were planted just recently. And also for the sake of ensuring “energy security”.

Convulsive hopes to provide yourself with warmth for at least one winter by destroying, total destruction, the last forests! Let me remind you that Europe used to receive timber from Russia for decades, but from January 1, 2022, the export of timber was completely closed. And not only in Europe, but also in other countries of the world. The export of round timber is closed even to China, so that other countries could not buy Russian timber from there. Currently, only partially processed wood and sawn timber are exported. Increasing domestic production.

Let’s stop and look at what is happening in the world. Ecological collapses, anomalies, the strongest heat in history. Drying up rivers! The death of flora and fauna. Changing of the climate. Growing from year to year the scale of forest fires.

You don’t have to look far to understand what the problem is: the biotic regulation of the climate, which was carried out by ancient forests, stops working. The forests turned “into a sieve”, completely destroyed in some places, ceased to fulfill their natural functions. The biotic pump, which pumped moisture into the interior of the continent, created real air rivers in the earth’s atmosphere, does not cope with its tasks! As a result, in some places we see floods, and within the continents, severe drought. And what is happening now is just the beginning. This is the degradation and death of ALL GROUND ECOSYSTEMS.

The only country in the world where there is a real opportunity right now to stop the destruction of ancient forests and improve the work of the PLANET’S LUNGS is Russia! We have the opportunity to take control of the forests and ensure the environmental safety of the entire continent. But for this, tough and uncompromising actions are needed to protect wildlife. Think about it: our Russian Taiga is able to ensure the environmental safety of the ENTIRE CONTINENT, AND POSSIBLY THE ENTIRE PLANET.

Right now, against the backdrop of what is happening in the world, radical tough actions are needed to protect ANCIENT CLIMATE PROTECTIVE FORESTS! And we, comrades-in-arms, will continue to push through environmental problems in power until we achieve real results and global changes.

Soon I will announce a series of large ecological expeditions in defense of the NORTHERN RUSSIAN TAIGA. It’s time to evoke a public immune response to the destruction of wildlife. Not only the future of the Russian Taiga depends on us, but also the future of the entire planet Earth is possible.



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Pavel Pashkov