It is difficult for me to speak the same language with officials. Even more difficult – with “business people”, with businessmen of various kinds. I want to scream sometimes, wave my hand in the face of such an interlocutor: “Hey! Hello, can you hear me at all?!”

Some just do not intersect universes!

Completely different languages ​​without the possibility of mutual understanding!

What am I talking about: the concepts of “Biosphere”, “biogeocenosis”, “ecological system” have long and firmly entered the scientific circulation. Students are taught this. But in the “bureaucratic language”, apparently, these concepts simply do not exist!

One joy is you, my readers! Let’s talk to you about very important topics. About Living Forest. About the Living Russian Taiga. About the Ancient Forests of the North. Honestly, I’m tired of reading and writing about fucking poachers who have done another abomination. Or count millions and millions of hectares of newly cut down Russian taiga.

Let’s speak for Life today!

This is really important!

Vladimir Ivanovich Vernadsky The concept of the Living Biosphere of the planet and living biogeocenoses that connect the bone substance with the life of the Earth. Century. Far from new ideas. It is quite predictable in the framework of reflections on the Living Biosphere that we will find and understand more deeply these subtle connections in the surrounding world. Learn more about how it all works.

And now human knowledge is enriched. We are starting to understand! Absolutely amazing things! So what? The dead bureaucratic machine continues to devour the Ancient Forests. New amazing knowledge is not known to everyone. Rather, not many. And the nature of this knowledge is such that the very picture of the world must change. We begin to understand the full depth and complexity of connections in the Living World around us.

I’ll start with Peter Volleben.

Peter is a German forester and writer. His 2015 book on natural forests, The Hidden Life of Trees: What They Feel, How They Communicate – Discoveries from the Hidden World, has been a revelation to countless people around the world. The forests of the Living Earth are the World Wide Web through which food and signals are exchanged between trees. These are SCIENTIFIC facts. This is EVIDENT. Peter simply states what was clear to Vladimir Ivanovich Vernadsky, what is clear to biologists, but in a more accessible and simple language. The Hidden Life of Trees is worth reading!

There are several documentaries featuring Peter. In one of them, he appears with Susanna Simard. Suzanne is Professor of Forest Ecology at the University of British Columbia. Since 1997, he has been researching the interaction between trees through mycorrhizal networks. And, just like Volleben, he tries to share his academic knowledge with people. Writes and publishes non-fiction books.

It is Suzanne Simard who owns the beautiful image of the “mother tree”, “mother of the Ancient Forest”, which she unfolds in front of the reader in her books.

The image is simply magnificent!

mother trees. Keepers and Defenders of the Ancient Forest.

For our boreal northern forests, this is definitely a cedar.

The most interesting thing is that this beautiful image is backed by COMPLETELY SCIENTIFIC FACTS!

Simard identified what she called the center tree or “mother tree”. Mother trees are the largest trees in the forests and act as centers for extensive underground mycorrhizal networks. The mother tree supports the seedlings, transfers its mycelium microflora to them and supplies them with the nutrients necessary for growth. Think about it! Small trees are covered from the sun by the crowns of large trees. And the ancient giant tree gives them nutrients through the mycelium network!

Suzanne Simard discovered that Douglas firs provide carbon for small firs. She found that small Christmas trees that were mycorrhiza-linked to the mother tree had more carbon than those that were not. Mother trees have also been found to change their root structure to make room for baby trees. This is not fiction, but purely scientific observations! The ancient tree feeds the little trees, as a mother feeds her child with milk. And removes its roots from the place where the little tree began to grow.

Suzanne Simard’s book “In Search of the Mother Tree” is basically about this. But there are also many more interesting moments. For example, interspecies cooperation. That is, trees of different species help each other in the Ancient Forest! Spruces used the mycelium network to exchange nutrients with birches during the season. In essence, they “lent sugar to each other” during a seasonal shortage. This is a particularly advantageous exchange between deciduous and coniferous trees. They have an energy deficit at different times of the year. The benefit of this “co-operative underground economy” appears to be improved overall health, more complete photosynthesis, and greater resistance to disturbance of the ENTIRE Ancient Forest. This is NOT science fiction, but completely evidence-based SCIENTIFIC experiments! Suzanne Simard has used rare carbon isotopes as tracers to measure the flux and distribution of carbon between individual trees and species. And clearly showed, for example, that birch and Douglas fir share carbon. Birch trees receive additional carbon from Douglas firs when birches lose their leaves. And for this, birches supply carbon to Douglas firs, which are in the shade.

Living Ancient Forest – Living Planet Earth!

Trees are the mother of all the Ancient Forest.

And it is you and I who must protect it from final extermination! Mother Trees of the Forest and Ancient Forests. There is no one else besides you and me! There are simply no such concepts in the “bureaucratic language” of officials. There are only the concepts of “profit”, “tighten sanctions” and “cubic meters of standing wood.”

They do not see the Living Soul of the forest, alas!

Cedar is the mother of the ancient boreal taiga. The felling of cedar must be stopped!

Still untouched, the Ancient Forests are the Soul of Mother Earth herself. And they, too, must be protected from final extermination!

This is what we are fighting for right now! We organize expeditions and stand for the preservation of ecosystems. Two public initiatives have been launched to completely ban the felling of cedars in the country and to ban the cutting down of ancient old-growth forests. First of all, we are now trying to protect mother trees, those few surviving biocenoses that have preserved the most ancient genetic and physiological memory. What little we have left…


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